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We Air Cool Refrigeration Co. are an established Indian Company Specialist in the field of Air-Conditioning , Refrigeration & Ventilation Systems. Our Core business included providing extensive range of Air - Conditioning & Refrigeration System Supply, Installation, Repair and Maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Types of AMC

Ordinary Annual Maintenance Contract (OAMC)
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC)
   With Compressor
   Without Compressor - Compressor does not come under free repair / replacement.
Benifits & futures of contract

1.   Any breakdown call will be attended with immediate response on normal working hours.
2.   Systematic check of all elecrical parts compressor & fan motor etc.
3.   Cleaning of air filter & unit.
4.   Cleaning of cooling coil & condensor coil etc.
5.   Oiling / Lubrication the fan motor.
6.   Checking overall performance and current consumptions.
7.   Details report of the A/C unit will be made  and will be handover to customer for their reference.
8.   Servicing Air Conditioners Unit will be on Monthly / Alternate Monthly and Quarterly Basis as per Customer desires.
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We undertake  to service and maintain your air conditioner in good running condition under
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).
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